Thursday, December 29, 2011

32 weeks - 8 more to go!

This week I'm linking up to Danielle over at Happenings of the Harper Household Pregnancy Journal and I plan on continuing for the next 8 weeks. I love reading other pregnancy blogs and I hope others enjoy mine as well! If you're pregnant, click on this link and add your blog to the mix.

Happenings of the Harper Household

This morning I had my normal check up and everything is still A-OKAY in baby world! Well, besides the fact that baby has a humungo head.. But that isn't causing any problems, yet.. I also went into Dresden today and met up with another American girl. That was fun in itself, and it was really nice to be able to spend the day speaking English with someone other than my husband (or on the computer). Thanks Nikki! And that is why this post is a little late today..

Here's my weekly photo:

Symptoms: Nothing other than middle of the night peeing.

Weight Gain: Today I weighed exactly 82 kg (180.77 lbs) at my doctor. That puts me at +8 kg. (17.5 lbs). HOLY MOLY!

Cravings: Bacon? Oh yes, bacon as always.  But that's still "normal" cravings for me, since I craved it before I was pregnant as well. I also was craving Reeses over Christmas and today I fulfilled that craving! Ohhh yeah. Thank you Beyond the Pond!

Food Aversions: Nothing, really..

What made me cry this week: I was watching family movies on TV on Christmas and the day after. Things like Happy Feet, Ice Age 3, Dinosaurs, and The Polar Express. OH YES, fun stuff. I'm pretty sure I teared up during at least one of them. hahaha.

Medical Stuff: Nothing exciting over here. *Knock on wood*

Something I am excited about: These new bottles and binkies that we bought last night. Yes, Pea Baby WILL be a Rock Star! hahaha.


  1. Following you back from Just read your shacking up and moving out story! C-razy! One brave toots, I'm telling ya.

  2. Thanks for linking up with My Pregnancy Journal!

    I just read your "Our Story" and gosh, oh so romantic, and oh so brave! You and your hubby make an adorable couple. I am sure Pea Baby is gonna be the cutest little guy everrrr.

    Looking forward to reading your updates over the next few weeks!

    Danielle Harper

  3. You look fabulous at 32 weeks! Hope that I can say the same. I'm with you on the bacon craving. It was really intense with my first girlie and not so much with this one but I have a motto 'everything's better with bacon'! That's why I'm Babies & Bacon. LOL

    Loving those bottles and binkies! Too cool!

  4. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! I know it was a huge step for me to move to Germany, but I wouldn't take it back for the world!

    And, BACON! OM NOM NOM. haha. Thank you Alexia!