Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nursery - furniture

I'm very happy to announce that the furniture for Pea Baby arrived today!

Husband invited his friend over to help with setting it up, and they had a blast. Normally you'd think that people wouldn't want to help set up other people's shit, but these two seem to have a blast no matter what they are doing. I'm sure they could've gotten it done in half the time they did it in if they weren't fucking around, but whatever. I don't care either way. They had a good time, and I'm beyond happy with the room.

I think it looks FABULOUS against the green walls that we painted. We had actually mixed the two green colors ourselves, but the "matte" color of the darker green on the bottom half of the walls looks awesome next to the brownish-gray color furniture.

Now, I actually snapped this photo of the guys hard at work about halfway through the process, but that's besides the point. They were actually reading directions and shit. Imagine that! Men read directions!
Now, imagine you are standing in the doorway of the room. This is what you'd be seeing. Whenever you enter any bedroom, you should be looking at the bed first. It's pleasant on the eyes. I'm also happy that when I'm sitting at my kitchen table and Pea Baby's bedroom door is open, I'll be able to watch him in bed. (Future plans are to add his name over the bed on the wall.) The bed is also able to change into a toddler size bed.

Look to the left a little bit and you'll see the closet . It might not look very big, but there is a ton of space. Left of the closet are the windows/doors to the balcony. (We have doors to the big ass balcony in four different spots in our house.)

Standing in the corner by the bed, you see the changing table with storage underneath. (The changing table can be taken off when Pea Baby is big enough and we don't need it anymore.) I've got a nice wall shelf above it to put diaper changing necessities OR cute decorations on. haha. Also, there is another shelving unit on the right side, which I can add pictures, decorations, or other things that may or may not be necessary.

Standing in the corner between the closet and the windows, you see the same stuff, and can actually see where the door is. (This gives you a better idea of the bedroom size. Lots of space for Pea Baby.)

And, while standing in the room, I realized that we need a nice floor rug! Look at all this EMPTY FLOOR! I'm thinking a green shaggy-ish rug that is soft on your toes that Pea Baby can roll around on. :)

Now that we've got the furniture in the room, I've taken all the baby clothes that have been boxed up in our storage out and they are in the wash. I'll be folding and putting them away in the appropriate places soon, and THAT feels great. :)


  1. How very exciting! And, from a mother of a toddler, each day is more & more fun. Enjoy it all. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comments.