Thursday, October 20, 2011


Monday we had our 3D scan. (Sorry for the late post on that one! I've been busy all week with work, sleep, and whatnot.) Husband came with me for the very first time. I was very excited just to have him there with me!

It was pretty cool to see the images in 3D, but the experience wasn't that much different than my normal check-ups where I still get to see the baby on the monitor. I think I'm finally over that "OMG, I think I'm going to cry just from seeing the baby!" part. I really did tear up and have a stupid smile on my face the first few times I saw baby moving in my belly. Pretty cool stuff. So having my husband there for the first time, I knew it would be different.

Up until Monday, whenever I talked about baby husband was happy, but didn't really show any emotion about it. He sat next to me and held my hand the whole time. Or really, it was more like ME holding HIS hand. He had that big stupid smile on his face the whole time, and even started to tear up when the baby was moving! And it was almost like baby was waving at us for a while, with his hands in front of his face. I could really see the emotions fill up in my husbands face. It was great to see HIM finally getting that feeling. (Of course, he has two sons from his first marriage, but they were both 15 and almost 20 years ago. He didn't see images as awesome as he did this time around.)

That is the best baby face shot that we could get, due to baby always having his hands in front of his face, or him "burying" his face in "me." In any case, I LOVE this photo. I love seeing his facial profile. That little nose and chin. SO CUTE!

And here are his feet! It was really cool seeing the doctor "sculpt" his feet out of the background. (I want that program, please! haha)

We also found out the sex of the baby. As I've been saying this whole time, IT'S A BOY! Please welcome William Friedrich! :)

We are absolutely happy with the fact that we are getting (another) boy. Of course husband has a lot more experience with boys, and we already had the name for a boy picked out. haha. "William" is MY father's middle name, which I love. I have always said that since my parents had three girls that I would love to name my future son after my father, because we didn't have anyone to "carry on the name." (Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, my sister is a single mother of my beautiful niece, Elyssa Renae, and she does have the same last name as my father.) And "Friedrich" is the first name of my husband's father. It's the German version of "Frederick," or rather, "Frederick" is the Americanized version of the German name. haha.

Okay. I just wanted to take a quick second here to laugh at someone. My mom. She has insisted since the first time I told her that the baby's heart rate was 154 that the baby was a girl. She believes that baby boys have a low heart rate, and girls have a high heart rate. The theory proved correct with my sister's baby, as she had a girl. And apparently, my sister believes that theory as well, and HER doctor believes it too! So the two of them have thought for the past three months of so that the baby in my tummy was going to be a girl. TO TOP IT OFF, a new friend of mine told me the night before my 3D scan that she thought it was going to be a girl as well, and her theory is that when the tummy is more "wide," it will be a girl, and a pregnant belly that is more "out" is a boy. Also, she said my SKIN of all things proved it will be a girl. (MY SKIN?! My skin is HORRIBLE right now! I've had ridiculous acne throughout my entire pregnancy!) Anyways. All of your theories are WRONG! There, I said it. Moving on.. ;)

I am now 22 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by. Well, the days aren't so fast because I am sooooooo tired every day, but I swear I JUST got pregnant! I am feeling really FAT AKA pregnant lately, as well. Pants are getting a lot more tight around the belly, and of the two pairs of pants that I do have, one pair isn't going to make it much longer because they are a couple years old and wearing out. I suspect they will have holes in them soon. I tried on a few pairs of pants that I knew were smaller, but I wanted to try on anyhow, and I did the "rubber band/hair tie" trick. I immediately knew that is NOT going to work, because when I sit down, there is nothing there to keep my pants UP. So that was an automatic no-go.

That means I have to go shopping for maternity clothes! OH JOY! Fat people clothes! haha. Really though, I'll be happy to have a few new pairs of pants that I can wear comfortably. :)

And while I may be feeling fat, but husband is doing pretty good at keeping my confidence up. (LOVE THAT MAN!) He admitted to me that he was scared that I would gain a lot of weight early on in the pregnancy, because that's what happened with his ex-wife. He said he was waiting for my legs to swell up, but he is pleasantly surprised and says he LOVES my legs and apparently my butt as well. And, it's true. All of the weight I've gained has been in my breasts and tummy. My breasts, though, are HUGE! And it's not like I had small boobs before being pregnant - they were a 38D. I haven't gotten any new bras yet, but I suspect that I am a DD now.

I'm thinking I haven't yet gained weight in my legs because I've been keeping active. For the first four months of my pregnancy, I was still going to the gym. (I've chosen to stop going, though, because the last time I was there I was sitting on a bicycle and pulled a muscle in my tummy somehow that hurt incredibly bad.) I do, however, going on daily walks with my dog, which is about a mile each time. I also have to walk back and forth to the train to take that to work. I guess that's another half-mile to add. I really think that the walking is keeping me in-shape and helping to prevent me from gaining "water weight." And, as I'm writing this, I've just experience more boob leakage! hahaha.

I love that when I say something about feeling baby movement in my belly, I get such a better response from my husband now. His face lights up and he asks more questions about it. I really feel like he's more IN this pregnancy now that he's come with me and saw our baby boy. :)


  1. YAY! So happy for you guys. I think Sam was more involved once he actually saw the baby as well. And once he could feel her. So amazing to see a little tiny person in there <3

  2. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE IT! Congratulations on the baby boy :) SO exciting!!

    P.S: I am now your newest follower from :)

  3. Thanks Amanda! And thank you Kagi! I have found your blog and LOVE your cakes! Especially the Mario Bros, one! Just love it! (Follower! hehe)

  4. Found your blog through the Expat newsletter and wanted to let you know that there are a few groups to meet people in Dresden in you are interested. Send me a message through my blog if you want me to email you the info.