Sunday, October 16, 2011


I have had so many ideas running through my head over the past few months of crafts that I would love to make for our house. Problem? No money to fund the crafts. I hope the job that I recently started will help to fund the habit that I really want to do.

I used to be really crafty in high school, and as a child. I love all things colorful and I love being unique. I like to stand out in the crowd, and I hate "cookie cutter" houses and decorations. However, I feel like I've lost my touch. I think I lost a lot of that "touch" when I moved to Germany and became completely dependent on my husband. I lost my independence, which I have slowly been gaining back over the past three years. I really feel like over the past year, I've gained a lot of that independence back, and that creative bug has been biting me in my ass.

Prior to moving to where we live now, I had a few decorations in the house we had. Of course we ended up moving, and since then, our house is pretty bare. I mean, we have great furniture. And the house itself is great. But we seriously lack decorations. My husband says that he doesn't want a shit load of decorations because "Who is going to dust them?" (And then the argument begins.. haha) But seriously. We need decorations. And I have had pictures of my family for about 5 months now that I have NOT gotten frames for! I have a great spot for them in the house, and I've already declared that space my "future picture wall," however, it's still empty.

So these were a couple of the decorations that I put in the kitchen of our old house.

The blues and greens really complemented the color of the cabinets. And the pinkish-red in the middle was just me adding some new colors to the room. I bought them for 2.50 Euros each. Pretty good price! Well, the problem is that we moved and now they don't match anything in my house. And they are just too boring now. (Funny how fast I got tired of them.) So when we moved to the new house I absolutely forbid my husband from throwing them away. They are too cheap to do that.

My plan was to find some fabric to cover them with, as painting would not look good on the material they were made in. Six months later I am still looking for the perfect fabric..

I am also currently looking for some awesome ideas for the upcoming nursery that we will be making. We don't know if the baby is a boy or girl yet, but tomorrow is my 3D scan. I am SO excited to finally find out! We already have a name picked out for a boy, but if it's a girl, we're going to need to do some serious thinking. We have some ideas, but nothing really is set in stone yet.

In any case, I have always been dead set on NOT making the nursery blue or pink. I would like to have a gender-neutral nursery.  I really like the idea of having green and brown in the nursery. Or even yellow with a splash of orange. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see some of the ideas that I have posted. I don't want to overload my blog with nursery IDEAS, rather, I'd like to post the progress and finished product. I've also found some great ideas through Pinterest to do with baby that will help to show growth, progress, etc.

I'm getting more and more excited for baby every day! And to make things better, I have been feeling a LOT more movement lately. I love it! It reminds me that s/he is there. :)

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