Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up and a halfer!

So if you haven't noticed, my weekends around here are pretty bare. That's because *usually* I'm busy doing something. Ya know, something other than house cleaning or chillin' with William.

Friday night husband, William, and I went out to dinner with two of our good friends. We went to this place Kedo in Dresden. The only thing I knew about the place prior to going there was that they have "big hamburgers" which is top priority in Husband's brain, as well as his best friend Falko. Turns out the place is an American restaurant. They even had Budweiser! Of course I declared my beverage of choice for the night Budweiser, just so that I could have a taste of home. (Forgive me for the last of pictures, the lighting was rather dim, and my awesome phone doesn't have a flash.) In any case, the food was delicious. We were pleasantly surprised and declared it our new favorite hamburger place.

So like I said, the bigger the burgers the better, right? Right. Of course I love my big burgers, too. Well I stumbled across this photo on Facebook Saturday and it perfectly describes our friend Falko. He will continuously order the biggest, fattiest, and most expensive burger on the menu, and then declare "One diet cola please!" hahaha. Cracks me up every time.

Saturday husband worked until about 1 PM. And what I did before then? Well! Of course I slept until about 10 AM. ALTHOUGH, Saturday was September 1st, for anyone who didn't realize it. And I started a challenge!

I am in a group on Facebook, which is dedicated towards the "February 2012 Mother's" (even though William was born in March. haha.) We all had due dates in February 2012 and we were each others support during our pregnancies and we still are today. A lot of us are not feeling too hot about our bodies so we decided to do something about it. We decided that on September 1st we would start Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred." So Saturday was the first day! I ran through that shit with no problems, however Sunday my legs were KILLING me. I did, however, finish Day 3 today and my legs feel better and I feel better about myself already.

I also joined a group on MyFitnessPal (though I've been on the website for a while now) for more support. And I love seeing the "Before & After" photos on the Success Stories there. (I'm also trying to get back into the habit of logging my food intake.)

After my husband came home from work we decided to do some shopping. We both were in dire need of some new jeans and set out in Dresden looking for some. We are both pretty picky people so imagine my surprise when the husband finds two pairs of pants at the first store we stop at (TK Maxx). And my pants? It took a lot longer to find! I prefer bootcut jeans and a super-low cut waist. But did you know that those style of pants are not "in" right now? So I tried on some skinny jeans to see if I would like them. Ya'know, to be in the "cool kids" crowd, but they were definitely a no-go. My beloved H&M came through for me. The one and only pair of bootcut jeans that I found in the place also happened to be super-low cut and I actually liked them.

Long story short, after about 6 hours of shopping and just enjoying the day together, we came home. Husband had two pairs of jeans, two sweatshirts, about five shirts, and a pair of shoes. I ended up with a pair of jeans, two shirts, and a pair of shoes.

Sunday was another morning of my 30 Day Shred and husband went to the gym. (Note: I would go to the gym, but I have nobody to watch William! So home work outs it is.) Afterwards we had a big breakfast (which is sort of our Sunday ritual) and then chilled on the couch and enjoyed each others company. We cooked a big dinner last night (which I also failed to take a photo of), but it was delicious.

We watched a movie together on the couch that Husband's brother had recommended. A movie called "Machine Gun Preacher." It's a very good movie, too. When that was over a friend had asked us if we wanted to go to a Wine Festival a couple towns over. I had declared myself too lazy (from both working out and eating so much at dinner), and stayed home. I was talking to my mother on the phone at the time, anyhow. So Husband went to the festival and watched the fireworks with his friend, and went on a ride or two. He did bring me home a sweet present though. :)

It says "For my princess" in German, obviously.
For anyone who doesn't know, these are very popular and made from gingerbread.

MONDAY: Today! Today William is a big ol' 6 month's old! Half a year old! HOLY CRAP! Time seriously flies. He has grown so much both physically and developmentally. He now rolls over to his tummy almost immediately any time he's set down. And then he'll continuing rolling over to his back and back to his stomach to get what he wants. He's not crawling yet, but he's scooting around and it's pretty adorable. Luckily he has not fallen off the couch or bed (yet - *knock on wood*), but I'm pretty sure most babies do at some point. He's had some bumps and bruises from face planting into my laptop and/or the arm rest on the couch, but they cleared up pretty fast.

My theory: He's a boy! A kid! I'm sure MUCH worse will happen. Sure, I yell at myself and feel horrible because lil' man is hurt, but I know he is okay and this is only the beginning of these types of things.


  1. Love this update! Sounds like a great weekend. And I'm right there with you on turning a new leaf for fall. Starting up the Shred tomorrow. And I used put MyFitnessPal on my phone. Didn't know there was a website too. Wish you the best with your fitness journey!

    And finally...William is so handsome! And I LOVE those chunky thighs! So adorable.

    1. Thanks! I love his little rolls, too.
      And I've totally lost ALL of the baby weight, plus some more, but I still have a little belly. It's most likely just water weight (I drink a lot of water), so I figured if I *actually* do some exercise something should happen.
      I just finished Day 4 a couple hours ago. I can honestly say that I feel great!

  2. He is the most adorable little chunky monkey. My boy was a bruiser too... must be the German heritage!!! :) Glad you found some clothes you like. I know a lot of my friends who've been here load up at the outlet malls because there is so much more of a selection. Have a great week. Bis bald!!!

    1. Thanks Susan! And, yep, I "blame" it on his German genes. haha. I am constantly telling people that he is going to be as big, if not bigger, than his dad.

    2. Oh, and yes! The jeans! We stocked up on summer clothes when we were in California in June. Pants?! Forget about it! It was about 100°F when we were there and there was NO way I was trying jeans on. lol.

  3. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Your boy is just the cutest!!
    Good luck with your 30 day shred, the name dosn't make it sound very comfortable haha!

    1. I just finished Day 4 of the 'Shred earlier. And I can honestly say that I feel great now. It must be helping somehow!