Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

What do I love today? Deliveries.

From the postman, DHL, and sometimes even the pizza place down the road.
Today let's talk about the former two.

I received two of the packages that I'm waiting on today. WOO! I love getting deliveries. Sometimes it's a cute DHL guy with a horrible (east) German accent that rings my doorbell, and sometimes it's the older, presumably lesbian post lady. Occasionally I won't make it to my door in time, and my old lady neighbor will sign for my packages. Not a big deal when I'm not home. In fact, we've been happy she signed for packages before, but I *dread* asking her for my packages. She's a very annoying older lady.

Anyways, on to my packages.

Today I got our new car seat for William. WOO!

I had to order it online from a shop out of Sweden because in Germany it's pretty normal to turn your child forward-facing before they even turn 1 year old. GAH! How scary is that? Luckily for me I had already done research on car seats while pregnant with William so I knew what I was getting in to. What I did NOT know was how friggin' fast William would grow. Most of the car seats we've been looking at say to use when he is "9 months old or 9 kg." (About 19 pounds.) But, errrmmmm, William has been 9 kg since he was about 4.5 months old. YEAH. He's a big boy.

Oh yes, if you didn't catch that there, I am doing "extended" rear facing. If you didn't already know, statistics show that rear facing is better for your child than forward facing. Not only can you see the statistics on this photo, but you can search YouTube for hundreds of "Rear facing vs Forward facing Crash Tests."

I know that not everybody will agree with me. Hell, even my own sister and mother think I'm a worry wart. But the way I see it is: Yes, I worry. And if it so happens that I get in a crash, you never know. This could save his life. And if I don't, I at least won't worry.

In any case, my car seat came today! Woo! This is what we got.

And this is William "modeling" it for us. :)

Today's second delivery was my diapers from Kawaii that I had briefly mentioned in a previous post. These diapers are with velcro and they will now be known as the "Daddy Diapers." ha!


  1. You must tell us more about this annoying neighbour lady

    1. Oh, she deserves a whole post of her own!
      I'll have to subconsciously make a list up and write it all down when I have time! haha.