Friday, September 7, 2012

My Life Rocks with a Giant

This week William turned 6 months old. Now, I know that's not really a big milestone for anyone who does NOT have a kid. But in our house it's a pretty big deal. Why? Because it's like he turned 6 months and decided "No more sittin' around! Let's do this shit!"

Okay, well maybe he didn't say exactly that. Well, he can't really say anything yet. But I'm sure he was thinking it. Anyhow, the kid is on the move. He will not sit still anymore. He is constantly rolling back and forth from back-to-tummy and vice versa. And he's learning how to crawl. He's just a-scootin' away, all day long.

Fun times.

Oh, looky looky! I numbered my photos this week! Snazzy!

I've also put my photos in a random ass order, and not Monday-Friday. Oh well.

1. William this morning playin' away while I got dressed and ready for the day. He had his 6-month check-up today. The kid weighed in at a whoppin' 25 lbs! (11,310 grams) And he is 28 inches long! (71 cm) Jeebus! He is most definitely the biggest kid I know. And I know people (quite a few, actually) with kids 1.5-2 years old, and William is bigger than them. Yeah. He's a friggin' giant.

2. My slightly off centered (not on purpose) photo of the both of us. I'm a proud mama.

3. On the way to the doctor this morning for his check-up.

4. I was having a boost of confidence earlier this week so I snapped a photo of myself.

5. Husband and I went to Ikea to buy some things for his workplace. We spent over 3k Euros! Holy damn!

6. Mr. Chunky Fingers in all his glory.

7. My (almost) daily breakfast. Cappuccino and oatmeal. Yummy.

8. William has figured out how to rub/play with his ears for comfort, and he will occasionally fall asleep that way.


  1. Great photos! My 4yo was 6 weeks premature and still weighed 6lbs when he was born. Needless to say he is a big boy now. He is in the 93rd percentile in height and 84th percentile in weight. He weighs 50lbs and still wants mama to carry him when he is tired.

    1. Okay, they don't do the percentile thing here in Germany, so I just found a calculator online. Check this out:

      At 6 months:

      your child is 25 pounds, and that is
      at greater than the 97th percentile for weight.

      your child is 28 inches, and that is
      at the 87th percentile for height.

      your child has a head circumference of 47 inches, and that is
      at greater than the 97th percentile for head circumference.


    2. That is crazy! Both of my boys weighted 30-32 pounds when they were 1 and stayed that weight for over a year. Now they are just tall and skinny, they go through so many changes. He is cute as a button..that is all that matters.

  2. He is a little giant. My boy is one too. He's almost 12 now and weighs in at a 135 lbs... the German genes are strong with that one!!! Have a great weekend. :)

    1. Here we go again, blaming it on the German blood...

      And I'm okay with that. haha