Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I've learned from Pinterest

First of all, if you're not on Pinterest, you're missing out. There a million and one things on there that catch my eyes every day. Follow me if you're there, so I can stalk love all the things you love, too.

1. If you aren't the world's best cook, you can be! Well, maybe YOU can be, but I cannot because I despise spending more than about 10 minutes making food. But apparently if you're super handy in the kitchen, you can make things like this:

2. If your hair sucks, you can make it amazing! I can assure you my hair sucks. It's super thin, very fine, straight, doesn't hold a curl without a bottle of hairspray, and even then it only lasts for about an hour. But don't worry! You're not me, so these MUST work:

3. If your style sucks, you're in luck! That old ratty t-shirt of yours is now popular and if you just make these small little tweaks, you'll love it again! Let's just ignore that fact that we aren't all a size 0 with no boobs, and we can act like our big ol' titties won't fall out of these.

Let it be known that I have tried this style many times, and it never turns out as pretty.

4. If your house lacks decorations, you can just make them! I know everyone must have all of these simple things laying around their house. Amiright? Or if you don't, just go to that garage sale down the road and you'll be sure to find something amazing that you can fix up all on your own.

Note: This is awesome and I want one. 

5. And last but not least, you most definitely can have a perfectly toned body with these simple exercises!

Now if you're still alive after trying those last ones, congratulations! You're better than I am. As I have been "planning" on doing those exercises for weeks now. 

Instead I am here. Go figure.


  1. I love Pinterest, but my lazy ass won't do any of the things I love. Unless of course one of the DIY projects is get glass, pour drink...relax.

  2. Umm hi. You just totally made fun of diy house decorating then put up MY VANITY!!! Asshole.

    1. Pinterest taught me that if I can't make it, I can employ my sister to do it. :)