Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I Love, Thursdays: 1

So I came here with an awesome idea. Things I Love, Thursdays.
And then I Google'd it.

It appears as though there is already a link up party here, but it is slowly dieing down.
I may just have to start my own link up if I continue doing this.

I love CHEESE. And you know what cheese? String Cheese.
It seems so simple. In California, I used to buy string cheese ALL the time. I'd spend, what? Like $2 on a bag with 20 pieces and chow the eff down.

So I moved to Germany back in July 2008, and you know what I found out? There are a TON of different types of cheeses here, but no string cheese. Of course I've found some other types of cheese that I do like, but they're just not the same.

On my recent vacation back to California, my mom made sure she stocked the fridge full of string cheese upon my arrival. She knows me too well.

Imagine my surprise when about two weeks ago there was a commercial on tv for string cheese! Err, wait: They call it "Cheesestrings" here. Of course, Germans do everything ass-backwards, why not string cheese, too? And of course I hopped my happy ass down to the store and bought some.

These babies were 1.79€ each. For a bag of four. FOUR. What the bloody fuck?! I had originally planned on buying just a bag or two, but my husband declared four bags better. Whatever dude! Glad you're paying!

Let's try these babies to see if they're nearly as good as the American counterpart.
Errmm, they are half the size of the American ones! Again, wtf?

In any case, I have my little piece of "cheese heaven" and only my husband's wallet is suffering.
Okay, possibly my waist line, too, but I'm not eating the whole bag.

And here are my horrible attempts at trying to be funny and/or sexy while eating string cheese.
Not very easy to do while taking your own photos.
I should've just used the damn timer.

Note my bra hanging out of my tank, and breast milk on my shirt. 
Yeah, totally NOT flattering.


  1. Yeah at first I was like uuuuhhhh you so did not come up with "TILT"

    1. I wonder if I read it somewhere before, and then forgot.
      Totally possible.

  2. Ha ha ha. That's just too funny. Hope you enjoyed our Cheese Strings!!! ;)