Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless (almost) Wednesday - Wear your baby

I have a baby carrier (Thanks, mom!) but I always have to hold William's head because it's just a wee bit too big for him still. My midwife let me borrow her baby sling/wrap for a week to see if I like it better. Also, it really helps to "try it before you buy it." Especially since it takes a minute or ten to learn to tie it.

This was today: Ready to go on a walk with William and Sami. :)


  1. Beautiful wrap. The German ones are so expensive here but I love them so much. William is getting so big!! Hope you enjoyed the walk.

  2. I got an amazonas wrap for 20 euro on TT. I see them all the time.

  3. Beautiful baby!!
    I'm always interested in ex-pats' blogs.

  4. So cute. I never got the hang of the sling or baby carriers. Just used the stroller and car seat. Hope you enjoyed that walk.

  5. Awww how cute are you two! Parker & I love our Moby wrap :)

  6. Das Baby ist daaa! Congratulations to your sweet little Baby boy! I´m so happy for you! You look great! We had this Baby sling for our kids, too. It´s great!