Thursday, January 12, 2012

34 weeks - Weekly's to due date!

Happenings of the Harper Household

Today I had my 34 week appointment. As with the previous two appointments, we started off with 30 minutes monitoring the Pea Baby's heart rate. I get to sit in a "chill out" chair with two little monitors on my belly for 30 minutes, listen to the heart rate, and watch the machine print it all off. It's kinda cool and, if you're the meditating type, you'd probably LOVE the experience. I just find it another 30 minutes of my day to sit on my ass and do nothing. Ha! This was also the last of the "every 2 week appointments." I have now hit the "weekly's"! An appointment every week! That due date is creepin' up on me - and fast!

Now before I showcase my belly, I wanted to show off my awesome new cargo-style maternity pants that I got from H&M for 10 €! Anyone remember how happy I was last month when I bought pants from them for 15 €? Well, they were having a massive "After Christmas/Winter Sale" and everything in the store was on sale. I also got two beanies for 1 € each! WOO! How comfortable do these pants look?!

Love them! Anyhoo.. Who wants to see a preggo belly?! I see it every day, but I'm sure someone else *cough*mom*cough* would like to see it as well.

Symptoms: No "pregnancy" symptoms other than tiredness, baby movements, and occasionally peeing in the middle of the night.

Weight Gain: Today I weighed in at 83,3 kg (183.5 lbs) at my doctor. That puts me at +9,3 kg (20.5 lbs). HOLY SHIT! I just realized I gained 20 lbs! GAH!

Cravings: Let's see... Popcorn: Check! Bacon: Check! Salad: Double check! Just had a turkey salad for lunch today. And it was delicious. OH! I also had a wicked craving for oatmeal last week. And not the homemade kind - the instant kind that my mom used to buy. hahaha. Husband bought some "normal" kind, made it for me and - OM NOM NOM - also delicious! Freshly made warm oatmeal with sliced up bananas may possibly be my new favorite breakfast.

Food Aversions: Holding strong at.. Nothin'!

What made me cry this week: Oh my god, I think I've kept the tears bottled up thus far this week! AH-MAZ-ING! *knock on wood*

Medical Stuff: Everything in Pea Baby world is A-OKAY! I, however, am sick! Bleh! I woke up last Friday with a sore throat and by noon, it was a full-blown head cold. Headache, stuffed up nose, sore throat, the works. Unfortunately for me, my house doctor (general practitioner) closes at noon on Fridays and I had to suffer the whole weekend. I made it to my doctor on Monday morning and, lucky me, I got nasal spray and a menthol vapor rub! OH YEAH! This pregnant girl is feelin' like she's 8 years old again, because she can't take pills!

Something I am excited about: The due date, of course! Only 6 weeks to go! THAT'S exciting! Also, last night we started our Birthing Classes. That's fun! I got to sit on a big ball the entire 1.5 hours while husband massaged my back. Muahaha. Love it! :)

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