Monday, December 19, 2011

Pregnancy gifts!

Some fun things about having a child (that aren't having the child itself, that is), is registering as being pregnant at all the stores and clubs. In doing so, you usually get some sort of gift from that store/club.

I've been registering as expecting my first child at many places in Germany over the past few months. I received a bunch of coupons via e-mail after registering, that I then printed off and happily showed to husband. He wasn't as happy as I was, as he sees it as "junk." Typical man. In any case, I had also received a couple printed off "coupons" that said I would receive a gift when I brought them to the stores. Sweet!

For anyone who is looking for a list of places to register at here in Germany, I used this as a resource. Though you'll have to be able to read/understand a little bit of German to be able to get through all of it.

The first one that I took in to the store to retrieve was the one from DM. I had the husband and Kev with me when I got these, and they both were like "We'll wait outside while you get it." haha. Oookay. It took a whole .02 seconds of scanning the printed off "coupon" and the lady grabbing it from under the counter. Here's a picture of it:

As you can see it says "Baby Bonus" on it, and a picture of two big pregnant ladies. It's pretty easy to figure out what it is from that, but for those that would like to know what it says, here ya go:

In the purple circle it says: What a special time!
And in the green circle it says: Your personal pregnancy welcome package.

Let's open that baby up..

On the far right you can see a bottle of massage cream to hep prevent stretch marks. Yippee! Less that I have to buy! hahaha. On the top is a 10% off my next purchase coupon, and on the left is a book of coupons from lots of products in their store. What I'm holding is a little booklet with "tips" inside stating how to remain healthy during pregnancy with their products. Aaaannnddd, inside of that is also a 1€ coupon from the pharmacy department within their store. Thanks DM!

Today I unexpectedly received another package in the mail from Schlecker. Oohhh, what could it be?!

Again, for my family and friend that would like to know what it says.. On the right side in white writing in the red ribbon, it says: Your welcome package with many surprises! Now let's open that sucker up..

Here is a list of everything that was included:
  • Travel-size shampoo & body wash: Natural care for delicate baby skin
  • Travel-size body lotion: Gentle care for sensitive baby skin
  • Travel-size bath soap for mom & baby: Intensive care during and after pregnancy
  • 25 Wet Wipes: Extra soft for sensitive skin
  • 10 Wet Wipes: All natural, no added preservatives or perfume
  • Travel-size snack bag with nuts and raisins
  • Travel-size bag of Oatmeal: wholemeal, all natural 
  • A sample of an all-natural cleaner for bottles
  • A catalog from the Schlecker store
  • A free copy of the magazine "BabyClub" from Schlecker that is for pregnant women and mothers
  • And, last but not least, a cute little book with the lyrics of children's songs inside.

 Thank you Schlecker!


  1. I got free stuff from my doc, but nothing from where I registered. Wtf? I feel gipped...

  2. I got formula for free..and a diaper. Germany is way cooler! hahaha.

  3. Well I did get a bag of magazines and brochures regarding pregnancy from my doctor, as well. I received that at my very first doctor appointment, when I found out that I was pregnant. I wasn't writing my blog when I received that, though..

    And FORMULA would be cool, too! I am going to try to breast feed, but it's always good to see the other options, of course.