Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm on my path to becoming a good housewife. I swear. I make sure the house is sort of clean, do laundry almost daily, and I'm learning how to cook. And by cooking I mean things NOT out of a box. Well, some stuff.. Spaghetti comes out of a bag and a jar, okay?!

Anyways. Since I was working at Subway, I rediscovered my love for American Chocolate Chip Cookies. As if I ever stopped loving them.. The cookies at Subway rock, if you didn't know already. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies myself but I knew that it might be a little difficult because I wanted to make the American style of the cookies, not the German kind. German cookies that I find in the stores here are always hard. Very hard. There is no such thing as a "soft" cookie in Germany, I swear.

So I used a website which I frequent often that is for English speakers living in Germany (ToyTownGermany) and did a search on the forums for the perfect recipe. With that search, I found this which was perfect! The New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe sounded delicious with the German equivalents to the ingredients needed listed on the ToyTownGermany.

Yesterday I made these cookies. And boy am I happy that I did!

Here you can see all of my ingredients being mixed together. Both flours and the baking soda are in the big bowl up top. On the left is my butter and sugar. And the small bowl underneath is me actually making my own brown sugar. Thank you to ToyTownGermany for linking me to this blog.

Mixing it all together slowly, piece by piece..

Another funny thing about Germany is that there are no actual chocolate chips here at the stores. Sure, I could probably order them online from some store like this but the prices are a bit ridiculous when you consider how much money you spend in the USA vs. Germany. Instead, I got some good Milka chocolate and chopped it up myself. And, yes, written on the package is "DO NOT EAT." hahaha.

The cookies actually had to be refrigerated overnight, so these were baked today. My family did, however, very much approve of the cookie dough that they ate spoon fulls of taste tested yesterday.

At about 50 grams each, they look huge. Well, they were huge. Who cares? Big cookies rock. And I thought that would be enough space in between.. ha!

Twelve long minutes in the oven later, my house was filled with the wonderful smell of fresh cookies. I felt like I was going to DIE waiting for them. This is my finished product. And oohhh yes, they are just as delicious as I had hoped! I'm so proud of myself for making something NOT out of a box!


  1. i know where you can buy some brown sugar! but making it is awesome too.