Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas has arrived!

Okay, so maybe Christmas itself isn't here, but we got our Christmas Tree today. WOOHOO! I can finally start decorating. Hold up, there's just one little problem..

Background: We moved this past February a state away when my husband received an awesome job offer that he just couldn't pass up. When packing things up, he ordered a big ass trash container and threw so much shit away. Yes, I say shit because there was so much SHIT sitting in the basement and the attic doing nothing but collecting dust. (I was on a vacation visiting my family in California when the move happened, and husband was actually happy that I didn't see all the shit.) Shit that got thrown away was not of sentimental value, and most of it was just things that reminded my husband of his ex-wife. Which, of course, meant they had to go..

Among the things that got thrown away were my Halloween decorations and the Christmas decorations. It should be known that he was NOT supposed to throw away my Halloween decorations, as Halloween is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER and I sort of go all-out. (To which he says "Oh well, buy it again." MEN!) Thus, Halloween was rather sad in my house this year, as I have to start my collection all over again.

Now I currently have this Christmas Tree and nothing to put it in! So you ask, "Why would you buy a Christmas Tree and not a stand?" We didn't buy it. It was gifted to us. Sweet! A free Christmas Tree! AmIRight?

This is currently the sad, sad Christmas Tree, wrapped up in the entrance to my house. And look! There's Sami asking WTF I'm doing. haha

Now, I know exactly where I want to put the tree. I have it all planned out. I'd like to put it here, under the stairs. It's currently dead space, anyways. And if you look closely, you'll see Sami, once again, on the couch, popping up in the picture. She always seems to make her presence known.

Now, please ignore my horrible editing skills but, I imagine it will end up looking something like this:

Oooohhhh yes. That's right. We're going ALL OUT over here!

How have YOU decorated for the holidays? Comment and link up your blog here!

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