Thursday, December 8, 2011

29 weeks and a break

Today I am 29 weeks pregnant!

A few updates:

- I had my normal, routine check up today. Baby William is growing at a steady rate and is healthy. HOORAY!

- To add to the growth, he is actually rather large for his age. My doctor said he has a big head, long arms, and long legs. Oh boy! I'm already a wee bit nervous about giving birth, and now you tell me that?!

- Baby William is supposed to be turning around right about now. Meaning, he should technically be "upside-down" in my belly. He has not done this yet, and if he doesn't successfully turn around in the next few weeks, he will be too big to do it! Which might mean I'll end up having to get a C-Section.. Let's just add more to my nervousness, huh?

- I received a ban from working! Normally one would think "Oh no! How are you going to pay your bills?!" however, Germany is rather good with maternity leave and the laws regarding pregnancy. Due to my ever growing back pains, and the fact that I work alone, thus making it hard to sit down for a moment to relax or use the bathroom when needed, I received the "beschäftigungsverbot" effective immediately. Fortunately, my insurance will be paying my salary for the reminder of my "work time" prior to maternity leave, at which time I will then receive maternity leave benefits. Whew!

- Also, last night husband and I went to the "Information Night for Expecting Parents" at the hospital. There were about 50 people there, half of which were pregnant! (At which husband and I made jokes about throwing bacon and/or a hamburger in the middle of the room and seeing who survived.. muahahah) We saw a nice presentation about how things work in the hospital when giving birth, the doctors and midwives introduced themselves, and then we had a little tour of the delivery and recovery rooms. And we saw babies! You could hear all the women do a nice little "Aaawwwwww!" as they saw the babies. It was very nice, and I signed up for a Birthing Class that happens in January. I'm looking forward to that!

Annnnddd, the photo evidence:
He definitely is growing! And so am I!

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