Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 26 - Getting closer!

It's that day of the week again! That day that I get to slap on another number to my pregnancy which means I am one week closer to meeting our future pride and joy. I mean, I'm assuming we'll be proud of him. All parents assume that, right?

And now for a little fun.

Mother Name: Veronica

Age: 25

Birthday: May 7, 1986

Birth Place:  Red Bluff, California

Height: 5'6"

Father Name: Uwe

Age: 39

Birthday: August 12, 1972

Birth Place:  Forchheim, Germany

Height: About 6'2"


Is this your first pregnancy?:  Yep!

How did you find out you were pregnant?:  Uwe and I were in Forchheim visiting his parents on a Friday night. We were heading into town to grab a couple drinks with some friends and the next day we had plans go party like rockstars (AKA get drunk off of our asses) with his football team. While I had no symptoms of being pregnant, I knew that I was about 2 weeks late for my menstrual cycle. I told Uwe that I wanted to take a test just to be sure, because there is no way I would get as drunk as we normally do together (hehe) knowing I possibly am pregnant. We waited until the Saturday morning to go to the pharmacy to get some tests, but sure as shit, they were all positive!

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?:  They were all German brands, and I can only remember the name of one of them: Clear Blue.

How many?:  Three! We grabbed one at first and it was positive. I think we were both in shock so I made Uwe go buy me two more. LOL.

What were your first symptoms? About a week after I found out, I began getting nauseous, though I never actually vomited.

Who did you tell first? We happened to be at Uwe's parents place when this all went down, so they were officially the first to know. I went to the doctor the upcoming Monday and it was confirmed. I called my mother in California and informed her the news. Uwe almost immediately afterwards put it on Facebook, and that's when the whole WORLD knew. haha.

Who was with you when you found out? As I said, Uwe was there with me, and we were at his parent's place.

Was baby planned? It wasn't planned, but it wasn't prevented, because I was not taking birth control at the time! Oops! haha. 

When was baby conceived? I believe it was conceived the weekend of, or the weekend after, my birthday. It was one of those two weekends that Uwe and I went out in Bamberg with his football team and partied like rockstars! It was an amazing night. ;)

How far were you when you found out? 5-6 weeks pregnant.


Due date: It was originally February 29, 2012 (leap year! haha), but then it was changed to February 23, 2012.                                    
Do you want to know the sex?  Of course, we already do. :)                                   

Do you know the sex? If so, boy or girl: Boy!

Any names? William Friedrich

Any ultrasounds? In Germany, ultrasounds are given at almost every appointment, as they are covered by the insurance. I have had one appointment scheduled and done every four weeks since I found out I was pregnant, and I saw him on the monitor almost every time.

Have you heard the heartbeat? The times that I did NOT see baby boy on the ultrasounds, I DID hear him. Simply amazing.

Who do you think baby will look like? I really hope that he looks like his daddy because Uwe's first two boys (from his ex-wife, not me) look nothing like him. Uwe is a white boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, and his ex-wife is Turkish with darker tan skin and black hair. The boys definitely have more of their mother's genes, and I really would like for William to look like his daddy.

Will baby have any siblings? Yep, his two older half-brothers. Kev is 20 and Chris is 15.

Have you and dad felt baby move? I have been feeling him move every day/night since about week 21 of my pregnancy, though I did feel the random move before then. Uwe has SEEN my belly move before, but every time I grab his hand to put on my belly, the movement stops! Grrr. I'm sure he'll feel it soon.

When did you start to show? I don't think it was obvious that I was pregnant until the recent 3-4 weeks. I think before I just looked chubby. haha.

How long could you wear your regular clothes? I only just bought a new pair of pants two weeks ago. So, that makes it up until week 24.

Are you excited? Like, waaay excited!


Did you have morning sickness? I felt nauseous but I never actually vomited. Though I did spend more time in the bathroom for other reasons..

Do you have any cravings? Nothing weird, but I do crave juice and fresh fruit and vegetables. Uwe would say that I crave bacon, but I craved that before I was pregnant too. haha

Do you have any mood swings? I don't think I do, but I'm sure Uwe would disagree. hahaha.

Are you a high risk pregnancy? Nope. Everything seems to be as normal as possible.

Any complications? Nope, nothing.

Formula or breastfeeding? I plan on breast feeding, but I suppose we won't actually know what will happen until baby boy is born..

Have you bought anything for baby yet? We haven't bought anything yet! haha. We have been window shopping for a lot of things, but did not buy anything. Though we did get a bunch of baby clothes, spit rags, a few random toys, baby bath, and a car seat from Uwe's cousin.

Who will help with baby after their born? I plan on being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) once the baby is born. Uwe has paternity leave from work for 4 weeks, but can request more if he needs it. Hopefully MY mom will be here too! We're trying to get her here for the birth, and it'll be her first time in Germany. Can you say EXCITED?! :)

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? I really love just sitting on the couch and feeling him move. It's really something you cannot really explain until you feel it for yourself.

What is the worst thing about being pregnant? Stretching ligaments and ALWAYS being tired. But I guess the being tired part will be around for a while.. haha.

Whats one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant? Drinking a Radler! For you Americans and anyone else NOT German, this is half beer, half lemon. It sounds disgusting until you've had one! It's the perfect drink with dinner after a looong day. haha (I should also mention that I miss working out. I love staying in shape and now I have to get fat only to try to lose it again..)

Any days you wish you weren't pregnant? Nah. I'm pretty happy with it. It's thrown some curve balls in our direction, and we have to save money, but I know we're both pretty damn happy about it.

Are you ready for baby? Hell no! It's a damn good thing that we still have about 3 months until he's supposed to be here, because there is SO much we need to do!

Do you have insurance? Yes. In Germany it is illegal NOT to have insurance.      

How many kids do you want? I would love 2 or 3 of my own. Uwe isn't too sure how many more he wants.. lol

Do you talk to your baby? I think I've said a few random things to my belly before.. haha

Do you still feel attractive? I have my days. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say "God I'm fat!" and other days I look in the mirror and say "Ya know, for XX weeks pregnant, I think I look good.. Damn good." It really does help to have some reassuring husband.

Have you had your baby shower yet? Nope, and I won't be having one. It doesn't really seem to be a German tradition, and I don't have any friends where I live anyways. It kind of sucks to miss out on the fun things that happen at those, but that's life!

Do you like kids? Most of the time.. haha

How far along are you now? 26 weeks. :)

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