Thursday, November 24, 2011

27 weeks!

Today marks 27 weeks! Holy crap!

I realized this week - or rather, last night! - that I only have 13 weeks until the due date! In Germany, I get to start my maternity leave 6 weeks prior to the due date. That date is January 12. And I read online that I need to inform my employer that I plan on taking that maternity leave 7 weeks prior. So, yesterday I figured out that 7 weeks prior to January 12 is... today! That's when shit got serious!

We have practically NOTHING for baby William! And I only have 13 weeks to get it all together! "Shiiiiit!" was my immediate thought. And once I broke it down to husband like that, he also realized how close the due date is.

A few random facts:

  • I slowly gained weight over the first 5-ish months, but since then I seemed to have bloomed. 
  • I have no stretch marks. *knock on wood!*
  • ALL of my weight is in my tummy and boobs. My legs, feet, arms, and face are looking good! (So says the husband.. haha)
  • Baby boy seems to sleep during most of the day, only moving around and kicking me in the evenings. But it's nothing to fuss over.
  • I am not losing sleep because of baby, I just have to wake up to pee a lot more. 
  • My legs feel like jelly at the end of my work day, and all I want to do afterwards is sleep!
And, with that, I am off to work. haha

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