Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late but always good

I have now hit 25 weeks of pregnancy! HOLY CRAP! That means that I am closer to the due date than I was when I found out I was pregnant. Now I know what it feels like when all those mothers say "My baby girl/boy just turned ONE! Where has the time gone?!" Yeah, I get it now. Time has been flying by, especially since I've been working. I've been working so much, my blogging has suffered. Go me! haha.

So, updates for the week:

Kevin, the elder of my two stepsons, just turned TWENTY friggin' years old on Monday! HOLY CRAP! Yes, I am closer in age to BOTH of my stepsons than I am to my husband. Kind of a funny story.. haha. Anways, we didn't really have anything planned other than going out to dinner. I worked that evening and husband and Kevin worked during the day. Basically, we were all busy, although we did have two cakes and some cupcakes. I did take a little bit of time that I DID have to decorate his bedroom with balloons. hehe. I love making people feel special on their birthdays! I wish I could've done more, but I really didn't have the time or money. It's not much, but here are some photos of my crappy awesome work. ;)

This is the view when standing in the doorway to his room. I had closed his door when I was done, so when he got home from work, it was sort of like, SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! haha. 

..just a view from the other side of the room. You can see that there really wasn't a lot of balloons, but it was enough for him to be like "OMG, what'd you do to my room?!" hehe. He did like it though. :)

More news for the week. Oh yeah, that would be the whole "25 weeks pregnant" thing. WOOHOO! Here is the new update of the belly progress:

This is pretty much what I look like on a daily basis. Belly is sure growing! It's just about pushed out farther than my tits! haha. When it's definitely obvious that it's farther out than my tits, EVERYONE will know that I am pregnant, not just fat. Even when wearing a jacket.. Because, ya know, the temperature HAS been hovering around zero Celsius here at night lately. (That's 32 Fahrenheit for all you American's.) A jacket is definitely required before/after the sun is setting.

Annnnd, this would be belly freee!

Yeah, I was also making stupid faces today. I was just in a silly sort of mood at the time. 

So tonight was sort of a company dinner with my husband's boss and people from his work. We went to this place called La Bouchee, which is a French restaurant in Chemnitz, Germany. It's about a 45 minute drive from where we live, but the food was great! (And we didn't pay, of course. Even better! haha) And it was great for my hungry, pregnant ass.

I started off with a hand made pumpkin soup that had turkey pieces in it. OM NOM NOM. So delicious! Husband ordered some sort of salad with meat. As to WHAT meat, the menu card did not state, so he kind of went into that hoping it would be good. It ended up being liver from a pig! Not expected, but it wasn't too bad.The main course was ordered over a week ago from the boss, because he knew there would be possibly 15 people there. We had goose with potatoes and a great sauce over the top. And husband and I decided to end the good meal with some ice cream. At the end of the night, we were both stuffed and the baby in my belly was very happy! Speaking of, he's kicking up a storm right now!

Tonight also gave me a good reason to wear my new super duper stretchy and comfortable leggings with a cute dress I bought and boots. Awww, yeah! I was lookin' pretty sexy and pregnant tonight. Husband didn't look too shabby himself in the gray slacks with matching sport coat. He dressed it down a little bit by putting on a more comfortable pair of shoes, and just a black tee under it. We looked better than anyone else tonight, that's for sure!


  1. Great picture of you two! I always looked forward to the I'm-clearly-pregnant-and-not-just-fat-phase of my pregnancies. They came earlier and earlier the more kids I had! And, happy-more-than-half-way-done already!

  2. Thank you! I am definitely feeling fatter and fatter every day! It's super exciting.

    Also, once this baby boy pops out of me, as long our doctor is correct and it's a boy, I'll be joining the "Dude Mom" club! Ahh yeah! ;))