Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm trying to jump on this blogging bandwagon. I seem to spend a lot of time a home, since I have no job and all. And, well, a substantial amount of my time at home is spent on the computer. What else am I suppose to do.. Clean? Take the dog on a walk? Clean? Yeah, I do plenty of that. And you can only clean so much before you go insane. Same goes with dog walks.

So I've resorted to indulging myself in the virtual world. I have a lot of virtually awesome friends. I am sure they are awesome in person as well, but seeing as I have never met them, they will remain my virtually awesome friends.

Oh I've got real friends too. Of course my husband and best furry friend ever, though there are more. They just don't live near me. Most of them are back in California.. You see, I live in Germany. When I first moved here, we were (luckily) located about 10 minutes from a US Army military base. That was convenient. I used that as much as I could to try and meet people and make friends.

I failed.

I did, however, become really good friends with the wife of my husband's best friend from high school. And somewhere along the 2.5 years we spent in that little village outside of a somewhat bigger town, my husband decided to join the American Football Team. Awesome! I thought "Now I'll definitely meet some female Americans that I can actually talk to."

Once again, I was wrong.

Though the coach is American, his wife is German. That guy is a riot, and his wife is fabulously awesome. (She brings little bottles of wine and champagne to every football game!) I've also become good friends with a couple more German girlfriends of the players and the cheerleaders. All of them are great to hang out with. I was lucky in that they all speak English, however, I have been here 3 years now, and can bitch about life with them in both languages.

So, the problem? We moved. A state away and it's a 2.5 hour drive. Yeah. Now I'm stuck at home, looking for new friends AGAIN. So I spend my days online, and now we're back to the beginning of this blog. Because of being home all day, with nothing better to do, I spend my time at home being bored out of my skull online.

And, with that, I'm welcoming myself to the blog world.

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  1. lol @ the coach's wife bringing little bottles of wine and champagne to the games... I can see myself (or you) doing the same thing.