Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boobies! (TMI post)

I read a lot of mother blogs. The ones that I find the most interesting are the ones who are down-right HONEST. Honest about motherhood not being all it's cracked up to be. Honest by using profanity in their posts because you know they've always wanted to say the exact same thing to their children, but they don't. And honest about things along the lines of TMI (too much information).

And well, today my post is a little TMI. Save yourself now if you don't want to read it! (Click that big red X on the top right side of the page.)

I am 19 weeks pregnant today. So far, nothing amazing has happened, unless you count the occasional bowel movement that feels like it's pulling my guts out. I had "morning sickness" for about 2.5 weeks, starting during week 6. I was nauseous during that time but I was only dry heaving, meaning I never actually threw up. And it remains the same now. I have not thrown up the entire pregnancy.

When people ask me "How is your pregnancy?" I reply with "Normal" or "Boring" because nothing exciting has really happened, excluding getting the ultrasound photos from my doctor. So you'd be surprised to what I woke up to today!

Since I am only 19 weeks pregnant, I haven't bought ANY pregnancy clothes. I have gained give or take 5 pounds and my clothes all still fit. Sure, I am uncomfortable in tight jeans now, but that's bound to happen. I've done some window shopping for maternity clothes, but haven't bought anything (yet). I've mostly looked at jeans, and bras. I know that I'm going to need some new bras very soon because my tits have grown soo much! And they were already a size D!

Back to the reason for the post.. When I woke up today, I needed to pee. When I stood up I saw in the closet mirrors that I had a little wet spot around my my left nipple!

"What the fuck?!" I said to myself and my husband who was getting ready for work.
Husband said "What?" then saw and started laughing.
"I think I'm leaking! What the fuck?!"
And then we both laughed together.

It was only my left nip. It was wet, my tank top was wet, and a little spot on the bed where I was laying was wet. Pretty amusing, but I was confused as hell, and I still am, as I didn't expect any nip leakage at 19 weeks pregnant! So I grabbed a couple squares of toilet paper and put them on the inside of my tank and the outside, and held it there for a while. It dried up and I have been checking my nips on and off throughout the day to see if they are leaking again. Nothing yet!

Exciting, right?

Yeah, not really..


  1. Exciting if you're preggers! Crazy what your body does and you don't really get used to it the whole time.

  2. off to a good start on your blogging adventure. am in the same boat as you. all my good friends live in NC and am here in California with very few friends and a stay home mom that cleans cooks and games on my PS3. exciting life i know haha. Congrats on ur baby to come, although I've said that before :D anyways ... am going to keep up with you :D Maybe I can help you along the way, me having 2 kids already and one of each sex :D

  3. Thanks! We seem to have a lot in common, minus the PS3 and insert my XBOX 360. haha :P

    And I found your blog, but you haven't posted in over a year! Boo!