Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fun

I apologize for my absence this week! I've been kind of hit and miss on here. I mean, OF COURSE I've been on Facebook (who isn't?) but I've otherwise been keeping myself busy.

Who would've thunk it?!

I'm pretty sure Monday was a normal day at home, but Tuesday lil' man and I went to a English speaking playgroup. We took the train there and he generally seemed happy!

We ended up being the only ones that showed up to the playgroup because of the craptacular weather. But the host has two boys who are 3 and 4. They keep each other entertained, and William LOVED watching them bounce off the friggin' walls. In fact, he loved them so much, he pooped himself out. He was so tired that afterwards he fell asleep ON his face in his stroller. hahaha.

The day ended with daddy picking us up and we went to the mall. YAY for random mall trips! I got William some pretty cute clothes at H&M (that I totally failed to take a picture of) that day.

Wednesday I found (another) group on Facebook that I could try and sell William's old/too small clothes in. None of the groups that I had tried had any bites, so I figured I would try another.

Guess what? The clothes are selling like friggin' hot cakes there. WOO! So I've already made back that 30 bucks that I spent on his clothes, plus a little more. AND I have a ton more that's just waiting to be paid for before it'll be sent out. YAY ME! Err, I mean, YAY William! Because this of course means that I can buy more clothes for him in the correct, bigger sizes. Kid is growing like a friggin' weed!

So I've been spending a lot (read: too much) time in that group selling all of William's shit. For real. The amount of time invested in that shit already is ridiculous. I'll be happy when it's all GONE and I can go on with my life. (Until, of course, the next time I have a huge fucking pile of clothes to sell.)

Today a girl I met on Facebook (lol) and her son who is 9 months old came over to my place to let our kiddo's meet and hopefully make a good friendship. We've decided to make this a more regular meet-up and I have already invited another girl I know from our town. Next week on Wednesday will hopefully be our next meet up, and there will be 3 babies here. Fun!

So today is Friday and what do we do on Fridays? InstaFriday, of course!

Only I slacked and took like 3 photos this week. Those too above and these two:  (I can totally count.)

This is the first time that I put William in my Ergo in the back carry position. It worked out well! ... For about 5 minutes. Then he decided he was hungry. Go figure.

 This one is of William when he randomly decided to sleep on his stomach. He's typically a side sleeper, so this threw me off. I had to keep checking to make sure he could breathe.

Since my Instagram photo collection sucked this week, and because I'm feeling rather talkative (rather: in the mood to type), I'm linking up this week with Hilary @ Feeling Beachie for the Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun.

This week’s statements:
1. I like to __ when I am ___
2. ___ is my favorite vegetable
3. I get ________ when I ___________.
4. I’m surprised by _________ and ____________.

1. I like to pee with the door open when I am home alone. It's much easier when William is in his walker, on the floor playing, etc. I can hear him and nothing has ever happened. I'm sure this will change as soon as he is REALLY crawling, though.  

2. Corn is my favorite vegetable. Though I've learned to love cucumbers and red/green peppers since moving to Germany. They have EVERYTHING flavored like red/green peppers. wtf right?

3. I get embarrassed when I fart in public. That is, when other people can hear me do it. If they don't hear me, who gives a fuck! Fart away!

4. I'm surprised by William and myself. Crazy, right? Of course I'd mention the two of us. haha. I'm surprised by how smart William is. But I shouldn't be. Kid takes after his mom, right? Also, I'm surprised but proud of myself for being the mother that I have, and am still, becoming. I never would of thought I would do the things I am doing now. (Cloth diapers for one..) but I'm happy that I do.

I like the person that I have become. :)


  1. William is darling - I am glad I visited your blog today

  2. awwwwww ... William! *swoon* And as for #1 ... I totally get that! Did the same thing myself back in the day.

  3. your number 3 makes me smile - I so agree