Thursday, August 23, 2012

A breath of life

Time to breathe some life into my blog. I want to start back up blogging. I read my sister's blog and she has been making me jealous. She has recently become a SAHM and is blogging her journey about "domestication." So far, I think she's doing a better than I have in the past 4 years of being in Germany. Damn you!

Oh yeah, so I've been in Germany for 4 years now. I totally forgot the "anniversary" of my arrival date and didn't "celebrate" it in any way or form. I didn't even announce it on my Facebook page. And THAT my friends, is surprising.

Let's see... William is almost 6 months old! And he's HUUUUUUUUUUGE! Seriously. A week before he was 5 months, he weighed in at 22 lbs! What. The. Fuck. We're hoping he takes after his daddy and plays football when he's older. Offensive Line would be a good spot for him. ;)

INCOMING: Photo dump.

And since my last blog post was when William turned 3 months old, I'm including some old photos.

Updates with William: He has his first tooth! It's not all the way through yet, but I'd say it's about half-way. It's the bottom front-right tooth. And the bottom front-left side seems to be cutting now, too. I think it's pretty exciting. And he's handling them pretty well. I honestly don't think he cries any more than he used to. I have no idea if the Amber Teething Necklace that I have helps or not, but I'd like to think so. ;)

I've also become a cloth diapering mama since my last post. I had wrote about going on a vacation to California previously. (Which was awesome in itself. I'll blog more about that later.) I got a gift from a good friend of mine which was William's first cloth diaper!

Shortly thereafter I ordered 22 cloth diapers (which came with 1 microfiber insert each) + 2 wet bags directly from AlvaBaby. I got them 4 days later! Super duper fast shipping was FREE because I ordered over 20 items. I was a happy mama. I also ended up ordering 20 Bamboo inserts because William is a heavy wetter.

I have since ordered 4 "Cartoon Diapers" from JCTrade through a Co-Op, but have not yet received them. Grrr. I love co-op prices, but hate the wait time. I also have 2 pail liners from Bububibi coming in the mail in a week or so. And I ordered 6 "One Size Heavy Duty" diapers from Kawaii, which should be the diapers that my husband will use because they are VELCRO. Ahh, yes, that's right. He doesn't put the diapers on him right now because he can hardly figure out the snaps! ha! I have given him a nice "high five" for trying the few times that he has, though.

Also, it's a good thing my husband doesn't read my blog! He has no idea that I have cartoon diapers & the pail liners on the way. hahaha.

Let's not forget that I bought some new but gently used cloth wipes from another lady in a co-op group at a great price. I don't have any pictures of them, but they aren't too special. And I even bought a spray bottle and made my own cloth wipe solution. :)

William also started eating solids. Now, I really wanted to wait until he was 6 months old to start solids, but he might as well have fed himself. We gave it a try one night just before he turned 5 months old, and as soon as we started feeding him, he LOVED it. Any time he sees a spoon now, he practically jumps out of his diaper trying to get it. (Keep in mind, though, that I am still breastfeeding, and will be until him and I both decide he is done. Breast milk is his main food source.)

He is a very good eater. He's had pureed carrots, carrots & potatoes, peas, avocados, apples & pears, applesauce, broccoli & potatoes, bananas, and a "Mediterranean mix" which included a mix of veggies. A few of those were bought from the store, but I actually make a lot myself as well! It turned out to be SUPER easy making baby food, not to mention cheaper. And when I make it, I know exactly what is going into his body, which makes me super happy because I want to make sure he is a healthy boy.

(These ones I labeled in German. They say "Apple-Pear.")

Husband has been calling me a hippie for a while now. I don't want to label myself, but either way, I don't really care. I'm doing what I think is best for me and for William. :)


  1. I keep forgetting to check your blog then I looked at my referring sources and saw yours on there. Thanks for the s/o! You could totally blog about the making your own baby food process and people would be into it.

    1. I could, but you seriously don't even know how easy that is. That blog post would last a whole .02 seconds. lol