Friday, May 25, 2012

Two week vacation!

I have yet to blast the news on my blog, and quite frankly I don't know why, because I am SO excited to say..

We are taking a two week vacation to California! YAAAAY!

Because my husband works a lot (and when I say a lot, what I really mean is a-fucking-lot), his boss has given him a paid two-week vacation! And his boss even footed the plane tickets!

So, watch out California! We will be there June 8 through June 22.

We are very excited for the REST of my family, and of course the rest of husband's family, to meet our newest addition, William.

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that my mother was here in Germany for the birth. She had a mere three week vacation in which she was able to see how we live in Germany, welcome William to the world, and explore and tour a little bit while she was here. It was a lot of fun having her here, but of course we want the rest of the family to meet the lil' guy! (Skype works great for living so far away from family, but nothing beats seeing each other in person.)

So two weeks from today we will be boarding a plane and headed to California! Well, we actually have two stops.. Ugh! But that's only because we are boarding first in Dresden, switching from the "small" plane to the 747 in Frankfurt to fly over the ocean, and have another stop in Philadelphia before we will finally land in San Francisco. AND THEN we have a 3.5 hour drive home from there. It's going to be quite the trip, but we are sooo looking forward to it!

Husband was only in California one time before, and that was when him and I met. He was there for about two months and was able to meet my family while staying with his brother and his family. We are grateful for that experience, but it's been over four years now since he was there. (I was lucky enough to take a short two week vacation to see my family last year in February.)

And this will be our first time on that very long flight NOT alone! Wow! I'll actually have someone to talk to, instead of watching that damn TV count down the miles to our destination for 12+ hours. haha.

Anyways, that's my Friday YAY!

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