Thursday, May 31, 2012

12.5 weeks - Post Partum!

So I figured today was as good a day as any to get a real good update on the "preggo" business and physical development of William.

I used to link my pregnancy posts up here, and obviously no longer do so. But if you're pregnant and a blogger, head on over and check them out! I stopped by today to check up on the preggo' ladies and make sure their pregnancies were going good.

Happenings of the Harper Household 

So, the "normal" preggo questions:

Symptoms: I've got none! I feel great. I think I've recovered from the birth pretty well. Sure, I am sore after sex (which doesn't happen very often anyways. lol), but that's no surprise. My midwife says it'll be about 2 years before everything is really back to "normal." Oh boy!

William's symptoms: Nothin'! Kid is healthy as a nut!

Weight Gain: None! I officially lost all of the baby weight 3 weeks ago, too. Now I just have to work on TONING my stomach, because I definitely still have a belly. Wah!

William's weight gain: Kid is a monster! Today's weight & measurements were:
Weight: 7690 grams - 16 lbs 15 oz -Holy moly!
Length: 64 cm - 25.2 in
Head circumference: 34 cm - 13.4 in

Cravings: I have been on an oatmeal kick lately. It really seems to give me energy and I just plain love it.

William's cravings: breast milk. That's the only thing he eats and he's a happy lil' monster.

Food Aversions: Ever since I ate broccoli at about 4 weeks post partum, I have decided NO MORE. I get WAY too gassy and pass it on to William with breast milk.

William's food aversions: I'm sure he'll agree with the broccoli statement. haha

What made me cry this week: Oh, something sappy on tv. My hormones are still a wee bit fucked up, I'd say.

What made William cry this week: Poor lil' man cried like hell today at his check-up (U4 - 3 months)! The doctor did an ultrasound on him to make sure all his organs are good. (Which they are.) And he received his first shots today (one in each thigh). He did NOT like those! I hate seeing him scream and cry like that. :(

Medical Stuff: Nothin'!

William's medical stuff: Just the aforementioned shots. But he seems to be doing fine now. Though I am supposed to watch to make sure he doesn't get a high temperature (which is apparently rare). If he does, I have to give him a suppository! booo. 

Something I am excited about: CALIFORNIA VACATION! We leave next week on Friday. Husband and I are both BEYOND excited.

William's excitement: I'm sure I can speak for him when I say he is excited every time he see's my boobs. hahaha.

And here's my lil' monster passed out after his doctor. He was very happy that I was there, and here, to comfort him. <3


  1. Oh he is just darling!! Keep linking up every so often because I plan to do a Baby Journal once Willow arrives and will change the picture then :) I absolutely love your interpretations of William's cravings/aversions/excitedness.... too cute (and SO true).

    1. Oh thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I would love to do another link up with you! Keep me posted and I will make sure to check in with you!