Friday, March 2, 2012

41 weeks - Plus some!

Happenings of the Harper Household

Okay, seriously. I'm 41 weeks + 1 day. What. The. Fuck. I know it's normal for a woman's first pregnancy to take longer, but I'm seriously over this. I'm just so ready for him to be here and enjoy our time together! Even the times that I'll hate, like waking up in the middle of the night..

Here's a picture my mom took of me the other day. I thought it was fitting. haha

So, about my week.. Since I'm a day late on this post and all.

I had very light contractions, which I have since assumed were Braxton Hicks on Sunday night. Nothing exciting. I woke up Monday morning with cramps. Monday I had a doctor appointment and during the CTG (fetal monitor), I had more of those "contractions" which made Pea Baby's heart rate go off the chart. My doctor thought something was wrong and told me to go to the hospital immediately. Assuming something was wrong, or that I was starting labor, we went there immediately..

After getting checked in (I was in no pain whatsoever), I was hooked up to a CTG and the contractions subsided. Nothing happened. However, since I was checked in, and since my insurance pays 100% of the birth, I was then not allowed to leave. I ended up staying in the hospital for TWO DAYS. During those two days, I was hooked up to the CTG three times daily to monitor Pea Baby. And every time it was as if he was sleeping and/or shy. He did not move a muscle. They were worried and did an ultrasound, but my water, his blood, and even the umbilical cord were, and still are, perfectly normal.

Since I was already over my due date, we had asked for an induction. HOWEVER, because of the yeast infection that I had (and I thought was gone!), they refused to induce me! The reason: "We don't want the baby to get the infection." Okay, understandable. I completely understand that they wanted to save the baby from the pain of that infection. But they were talking about a C-Section purely based on the fact that I have a yeast infection. But at the same time, they said that if I was to go into labor naturally, they would not stop the delivery. Um, okay.. So, they won't induce me because of this silly infection (that I've only had since being pregnant, and it is pretty damn normal for women to get during pregnancy), but they will still deliver the baby if I end up in labor. And even more annoying is that Thrush, which is what the baby could get from the infection (but it's still possible he wouldn't get it), ANY baby can get REGARDLESS of whether the mother has it or not! (Example: My sister had my niece. She did not have a yeast infection. However, because my niece was taking antibiotics for other problems, she got Thrush - twice!)

Wednesday morning I had a check up with the doctor to see if the infection was gone enough. (They had given me some antibiotics to take while I was there.) If it was, they said we could proceed with an induction. I seriously thought that the infection was much better, but surprise! They said there was too much there and they would not induce me. After that, I walked outside (fresh air is hard to come by in an hospital..), called my husband, and broke down. I had been sitting in the hospital for TWO FRIGGIN' DAYS doing basically nothing. And nothing I could also do at home. I was at my wits end. (He normally was at the hospital with me, but had not been there yet that morning.) He came over right after that phone call. The nurse had seen me and knew that I was crying. She told me not to cry and tried to comfort me, but I wasn't having it. When my husband got there, she told him "Your wife needs you to comfort her." To which he replied, "She needs nothing. I'm taking her home." "Well, you'll have to talk to the doctor about that!" was her fast reply.

About an hour later, we got in to talk to the doctor. They had wanted me to stay another two days, doing essentially nothing, before they'd check to see if the infection gone enough to proceed with an induction. We informed the doctor that I could do the exact same thing that I was doing at the hospital at home. We signed some papers and I was out of there on Wednesday afternoon. Thank god!

As soon as we left the hospital, I felt Pea Baby moving more. We relaxed at home for a while, then did a short grocery shopping trip. Pea Baby was moving A TON when I was walking around. I swear this kid already hates the hospital!

Since then, I have met with my midwife twice. Yesterday we tried out acupuncture, which is supposed to be labor inducing when done in the right spots. She put three needles in each of my lower legs, one in each baby toe, and one in each hand. I also drank a liter of this so-called "Contraction Tea" last night which was supposed to help. I had a few pretty good contractions, and I thought WOOHOO! Something is working! But they only lasted about 30 minutes.. ugh. My midwife came over again today and did the acupuncture again. I was WAY more relaxed this time, and probably because I knew what to expect and knew it wouldn't hurt. I hope that in itself helps to start labor. She also gave me some homeopathic "pills" to take. They are these little balls that I am supposed to put on my tongue and let dissolve, that also help some people to induce labor. *Fingers crossed!*

I went to my doctor yesterday morning, and again today, to sit on the CTG to make sure baby boy is still doing good. And even when I visit them, he still hates moving while hooked up to the machine. Every time about 20 minutes afterwards, he starts kicking all over the place. Tomorrow (Saturday) I will have to go to the hospital to do the CTG. I asked my doctor what she thinks about me asking demanding to be induced while I'm there tomorrow, to which she replied she thinks is perfectly reasonable. She also told me that they HAVE to induce me on Monday if they don't do it over the weekend, because I'm so far overdue. So, I do see a light at the end of this tunnel!

So, blah! Until then, I am trying to entertain my mother, who is here on vacation from California, and my husband, who took vacation from work and his boss won't let him come back until after the baby has arrived. (ha! You damn workaholic!)

Symptoms: Pretty sure I've covered that already.

Weight Gain: I believe I was at 87 kg (191.8 lbs). This puts me at +13 kg (28.7 lbs) since the beginning of my pregnancy, and +1 kg (2.2 lbs) since last week.

Cravings: Water. I'm just thirsty all the time.

Food Aversions: Nothing that I didn't like before I was pregnant.

What made me cry this week: STRESS! Which is totally NOT cool at this point in my pregnancy!

Medical Stuff: Same ol' shit..

Something I am excited about: Meeting Pea Baby! Even though it seems to be a pain in the ass to get him out, I still want to meet the lil' guy!


  1. Good luck. Hopefully, this weekend something will happen. My boy refused to come out too and was a week late. Thing is they are not as hesitant to do inductions here as in Germany. My sister had some issues with it too. Fingers crossed that by early next week you have Pea Baby in your arms!!! :)