Thursday, February 2, 2012

37 weeks - FULL TERM

Happenings of the Harper Household

I'm seriously considered full term now. OhEmGee. I can see the finish line! We now have 21 days until the due date, and 20 days until my mom is here! YAY!

In other news, I hate my bras. I've pretty much resorted to "free boobin' it" whenever I'm home. Yes, my boobs grew. Up until about 2 weeks ago my bras were not a problem. They are now though! I have an under-wire in all of my bras and they just are NOT comfortable anymore. I also seem to always have Pea Baby's foot shoved underneath my right-side ribs.. That doesn't help with the bra situation. This makes it more painful when I'm not sitting upright, and sit with a slouch instead. Super, right? Totally NOT..

Symptoms: Back pain! Yes, it's still here.. It was manageable for a long time, but now it's just annoying as hell. There is no WIN for me. Unless I'm sleeping.. But I seem to be getting less and less sleep every day. I guess my body is just "mentally" preparing me for when Pea Baby is here..? haha. Riiight. It can only get worse..

Weight Gain: Today I weighed in at 85 kg (187.4 lbs). This puts me at +11 kg (24.25 lbs) since the beginning of my pregnancy, and +0,3 (0.66 lbs) from last week.

Let's face it, I'm a fatty. Next question, please..

Cravings: Still craving salad and fresh veggies. I've been eating fresh veggies with dip all week. Om nom nom.

Food Aversions: Nothing that I didn't like before I was pregnant.

What made me cry this week: I cried A LOT last Friday, but it was a HAPPY cry! For details, refer to my post from that day: "Surprise Internet Baby Shower"

Medical Stuff: I'm doing good in this area, as is Pea Baby. :)

Something I am excited about: This weekend is the Dresden Tattoo Convention. I mentioned before that I am modeling (!!!) in a little "Fashion Show" they are putting on at the show. Super duper excited about it right now!

Also, look at our new stroller! We got a super good deal on it because I joined all the "Baby Clubs" I could find online (hehe) and I got a 20% off coupon in my e-mail last week. WOOT!

For more information about the stroller that we bought, you can check it out here:


  1. first of all you are not a fatty.. I can only hope that I have the same weight gain as you, my first was like double that. Congrats on the shower, looks like fun.

  2. You are NOT a fatty-you look awesome! I just took my 37week pics and will most likely post tomorrow after my weekly doc appt. Can you believe we're THIS close to the end? AHHHHHHH