Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life as I know it

I've been asked a few times recently if I'm going to write a new blog post any time soon. I hadn't really planned on it. In fact, I kinda thought that I was done with blogging. I go through these blogging moods where I either love it or I hate it, kinda like cooking. Right now, I despise cooking. Three weeks ago I wanted to be the best damn cook my husband knew. True story.


My kid will be a year old tomorrow! What. The. Fuck. Time is flying. I'm currently watching him run around the living room with Husband. Oh yeah, he's a walker now! He started walking about 3 weeks ago. Crazy but I love watching him hobble around the house. Here's a playback of the few months that I missed on the blog.

Also? We moved! We finally decided that the old town we lived in was BORING and we needed more LIFE. We moved to Dresden, about 25 minutes away, and ironically Husband's commute to work is actually faster than before because now he can take the Autobahn not the small back roads. And I am SO much happier now! We are closer to our friends, shopping, entertainment, and I can take the tram, bus, or train with ease now. We moved into a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment with an underground garage. Husband LOVES that part! No cleaning off snow and ice from the car every morning.

The sad part? Sami, our dog, doesn't live with us anymore. Nor does my older stepson. Kev moved out in November and into a place with a friend. They live in the country and the roommate also has two dogs, so it just made sense for Sami to go with him. At least she has more dog-friends there and when he leaves for work (yeah, he has a job!) he can leave her in the yard. And we have NO yard here at our new place. As much as I love and miss my dog, and Kev too of course (ha!), we know that she is better off where she currently is, as opposed to where we live.

What else? We're still active in the English speaking playgroups and I go to the gym 2-3 times per week, when child care is offered. William gets his German contact there, and I occasionally go to German playgroups as well. About two months ago we met a new acquaintance who, since then, has become pretty much our best friends! Our friend, we'll call her R*, is from Australia. She's also married to a German and her son, Mat, is almost 7 months old. Her and I meet up a couple times per week and the boys have become pretty good friends!  It's really good that William has a friend he see's as often as he does, because for a while there I was afraid he was going to grow up without friends. R* and I have very, very similar parenting styles and I already feel like I can talk with her about almost anything.

Also? I'm still crocheting. Remember I learned to crochet from YouTube videos when I was pregnant?! ha! Who thought I'd actually get somewhat good?! Even I doubted myself. I still think of it as a silly, hippie hobby, but I do it! And now I've started selling what I make! Okay, well I've only SOLD one, but I've given others away as gifts, and the ONE I sold was yesterday.. haha. But I have 5 "orders" as of last night! How exciting! Let's just hope I can get them all done in a timely manner. Luckily all the people ordering know I am a SAHM and William comes first. They told me to take my time. Whew!

I'll try to see if I can keep this blog alive by posting at least once a week. Feel free to message me to pester me to post again if it's been too long between this one and the next.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Hear those crickets?

Well, I'm still alive and chirping. Just not blogging.

I'm not sure what made me fall out of my blogging mood, but whatever. I'm alive and kickin'. Well, I'm actually sick right now, and on Monday had no voice to chirp with, but I'm alive otherwise.

When I'm feeling more chatty I'll type up a real nice post for anyone who still reads this thing.

For now, have a photo.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy busy busy!

So where the hell have I been all week?! Who would've known that I've actually been busy. And by busy, I mean doing more things than just taking care of William and cleaning my house.


So I'm just going to throw my whole week together in one post, because I'm cool like that. And because I can.

Let's start with InstaFriday, because from there I can go on to telling WTF I've been doing.

Top left: William on the way to Forchheim in Bayern, Germany. He was rockin' his new Rolling Stones tee that I bought from H&M last week. I thought it was a good steal at about 6 euros each. (He also has a KISS tee. haha. LOVE it!)

Top right: That would be what William eats now when he's not on the boob! Kid doesn't want to eat ANYTHING that is pureed anymore! He wants to feed himself. So that day I had cut up cucumbers and avocados into pieces that he could grab easily and "eat." I say "eat" because he only has his two bottom teeth, and none on top, so he can't really chew anything yet, but he loves to try!

Middle left: My lil' homey watching out the window this past Tuesday when we took the train into Dresden for the English speaking playgroup.

Middle right: The playgroup met at a playgroup this week because the weather was GREAT and it won't be for much longer. (boo.) And there was a baby swing! That's pretty awesome, because in the town where I live, I have yet to see one. Lil' homey LOVED it! 

Bottom left: This was after the playgroup. Lil' homey was pretty pooped from playing with the other kiddo's, in the swings and in the sand, he just needed to eat and pass out! So I fed him in the middle of the park and enjoyed the sun on my face and grass in my toes. His hat kept his face out of the sun, and kept the creepers from staring at he tits!

Bottom right: TEEFERS! I finally got a photo of his lil' teeth. SO adorable!

Let Them Eat Cake

So about my week: BUSY!

Last Saturday we drove to Berlin to pick up my brother-in-law from the airport. He lives in California but is here and staying with us for a couple months now (for reasons that I will not go into on my blog as it is his life, not mine). His plane was to land at 11:35 AM and we left the house with PLENTY of time to get there. What we didn't know, was that there would be a HUGE traffic jam on the freeway heading into Berlin due to a stupid construction and an accident. We were stuck in the traffic for 1.5 hours! O.M.G. We ended up getting there late but he was OK. Picked him up and headed home, which included another hour in the traffic on the way out. Oi!

Sunday we drove to Forchheim, Bayern (as mentioned above) to visit family. My BIL hasn't been back to Germany in 8 years, so it was time to see some family and friends. We threw him a little surprise BBQ with some friends at a park, and once again the weather was perfect.

Monday - I have NO idea what I did! But I obviously wasn't here! haha.

Tuesday was our English playgroup day in Dresden. It's about a 40 minute train ride from my town into Dresden, but it's really nice to talk with someone in English other than the husband and kids! And seeing William interact with other kids is priceless! I've made it a priority for me to go to the English playgroups at least once per week now.

Wednesday I had a German speaking playgroup at MY house! There were five other women from my town and their babies here and it was a blast! Again, watching William interact with the other babies is awesome. I really think that it's helping him develop more, especially verbally. When he's around other kids who babble ("talk"), he talks more, too. And for anyone who has a bilingual home, you would understand how important that is! It will most likely be longer for William to speak his first words because of the English/German mix at home, but I see progress already. And it's adorable.